Published on Oct. 22, 2020

October Issue


Pre/Post Quarantine Fits 

An insight into how students have altered their wardrobe during shelter in place.

By Dorothy Hoang

Senior Jose Rodriguez

During our time in quarantine, we find a whole lot of time on our hands for new hobbies and activities. For some, this was a good opportunity to experiment with different articles of clothing or make-up. This was the case for senior Jose Rodriguez where he would find himself experimenting with different makeup looks.


Prior to quarantine, Rodriguez has already found a fascination with makeup. He didn’t use many colors on his color palette, however, during quarantine, he started to crawl out of his shell by experimenting with different looks. Rodriguez gets his inspiration from drag queens and ballroom voguers. He has even recreated Drag Queen Juno Birch’s vibrant makeup look.


“From when I started I realized I didn’t use colors or vibrant colors or [do] crazy vampy looks and after or being in quarantine I tried getting out of my comfort zone,” Rodgriguez said.


When asked what make-up meant to Rodriguez, he replied, 


“Being ourselves, creative, colorful”


Junior Amber Pike

Due to hours of scrolling through TikTok, senior Jenna Garcia Quintana took notice of her algorithm of influencers and their unique outfit choices. Quintana took this as her new inspiration and made the choice to alter her closet. 


Prior to quarantine, Quintana found herself wearing outfits that made her fit in with everyone else. However, for the past couple of months, she found herself shopping online and thrifting and experimenting with different outfit choices. Most of Quintana’s inspiration comes from the media such as TikTok and Instagram but she also shares the same as some of her friends. 


“Before I would just kind of wear like whatever I thought was kind of fitting in but I’ve got on TikTok more and I’ve seen a lot of people dress differently and I like the style so I would try picking out things that they also chose so I went online shopping and thrifting a lot and bought new things,” said Quintana.


Like many others, Quintana found this new way of styling as something to express herself.


“I hope to dress the way that I like to now although it’s not much of a difference, I see a difference.”

Junior Amber Pike has spent her time during quarantine shopping online for ways to change up her old style. From matching accessories with shoes to wearing an edgy black monochrome outfit, she finds herself making a drastic closet transformation.


“I’ve tried to make my look more edgy and diversify the clothing I wear,” said Pike.


Pike would describe her old style as basic but through the influence of the mainstream media, she has gained insight on what would later become her current choice of clothing. She gets her inspiration from influencers and trends going around such as the ones on TikTok. Pike believes that her community sets certain guidelines for how people should or should not dress, however, she learned to step out of those boundaries. 


“I feel like the area that I live in, there’s a certain expectation for how people should dress and that’s kind of what I’ve followed for a while but now I feel like I can express myself in a unique way that shows who I am as a person” said Pike.


As Pike stood with her monochrome outfit, she found herself in a state of self-acceptance and confidence. 


“I really liked it because that’s something that I’ve always thought was really cute, something that I thought that matched my personality a lot and before I didn’t really have the confidence to wear that but when I was able to wear that it was a big moment for me and I felt really happy in it” said Pike.


Senior Jenna Garcia Quintana