Published on Oct. 22, 2020

October Issue

Race and History Curriculum Panel

Insight Panel Series

By Yves-Sebastian Lopez

What is Insight Panel?

Insight panel is a new interview series from the Dry Gulch Gazette. With the purpose of gaining more intimate and thorough interviews, Insight Panel tries to tackle topics such as race, health, politics, and more. Teachers, students, and community members are invited to join these panels to create an inclusive dialogue about what is going on and what should happen. 

Check out our first panel on Race and History Curriculum below!

Video with time stamp sections is available on the Youtube version of the video.

All AHS Social Studies Department Teachers were extended an invitation to this panel. 

Moderated by:

Yves-Sebastian Lopez

Panel Agenda


Jodi Soares

Kaedan Peters

Andrew Eckloff

Terra Caldwell

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