Published June 8, 2020


Quarantine Cuts

Students share how they dealt with their hair due to the state that hair salons close for COVID-19 prevention

By Alexis-May Go and Dorothy Hoang

Junior Neha Giri had gotten what she had considered to be a bad haircut prior to quarantine and wanted to improve its appearance by giving herself bangs. 


“Once quarantine had started, I began considering [getting] bangs because it was something that I had always wanted to try out. [...] If it ended up bad, it would just grow back by the beginning of next the school year,” Girl said.

Neha Giri.jpeg
Gustavo Alcaraz.JPG

Junior Gustavo Alcaraz made the initiative to cut his hair at home when he realized his hair had reached its peak. 


“I was really nervous about cutting my hair at home but the more I thought about it I realized that it was just hair and worst case scenario it would grow back,” Alcaraz said. 

Junior Kenneth Xu made the decision to cut his own hair during quarantine after a strange encounter with his parents. 


“I chose to cut my hair during the quarantine instead of waiting until to go to a hair salon because one day I was mistaken by my own family as a stranger. They thought a homeless person had entered their home, but it was just me coming back from a run,” Xu said.