Published on Feb. 26 2020


Going for Gold

Alumnus takes the gold medal in Women’s Wrestling Championships.

By Elton Wong

          Crowds cheered as Jacarra Winchester faced off against Nanami Irie in the 2019 World Wrestling Championships. With the final takedown, Winchester won the match 4 - 3. Winchester triumphantly walked home with a shiny new gold medal along with the title of World Wrestling Champion.

          “It feels good that I did what I said I was going to do, which was to come back and win,” Winchester said.

          The Wrestling World Champion graduated from AHS in 2010. In her time at AHS, Winchester has consistently maintained her position of varsity in the men’s wrestling team. She even made NCS (North Coast Section). By her senior year, she became the wrestling state champion.

          After high school, Winchester attended Missouri Valley College and made it into TeamUSA. Now, she was making a name for herself in the wrestling community. She placed fifth in 2018 World Championships, 2018 and 2019 Final X champion, and 2018 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament champion.

          Now a World Wrestling Champion, she continues to train hard for future goals. Practicing at a rate of four hours daily along with a multitude of physical recovery, Winchester sets her sights on her next competitive target.

          “Next plan is to train for the Olympics,” Winchester said. •

AHS alumnus Jacarra Winchester (background center) poses with her team for the Arroyan 2010 yearbook.



Athletics Director Andrew Waranoff

"She was one of my students actually, [has] an infectious smile, great athlete."

Senior Wrestler Alia Abushi

“Her wrestling is amazing. I look  up to her. She is a really big inspiration.”

Photo | Elton Wong

Photo | David Ye

2010 Jacarra Winchester becomes Wrestling State Champion.

2018 Jacarra Winchester places fifth in 2018 World Wrestling Championship.

2019 Jacarra Winchester wins the title of World Wrestling Champion.

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