Published on Feb. 26 2020


Blacktop Now Closed for Lunch

AHS closes off multiple areas due to lack of supervision.

By MarcAnthony Ramos

“It honestly sucks. I play basketball during lunch everyday, and now I have to stop out of nowhere for no reason,” sophomore Nate Herron said.


Recently, the blacktop has been closed “until further notice” during lunch and break which affected many people, including some who play basketball during lunch and some who like to hang out near the pool, but now the courts, fields, and the parking lots are not open for student use.


Herron claimed he now has to find other things to do.


“It’s been a struggle trying not to be bored while doing nothing in the quad,” Herron said. “I can’t even go off campus yet.”


Assistant Principal Kristian Hinz participated in making the decision.


“We don’t feel [like] we have enough supervision right now to adequately  supervise the entire campus,” Hinz said. “The blacktop is closed until we have enough people to effectively monitor the areas. It’s not going to be closed forever, so if we can find someone who we can put permanently back there, then we might be able to open it up later on in the year.”


However, this does not mean that students are being unsafe, but they just want to be sure that they have enough personnel just in case something happens. But, Herron disagrees with Hinz.


“I mean I understand why they shut it down now, but it’s not like we were being hella dangerous in the first place. People fall sometimes and get small scrapes but that’s pretty much it,” Herron said.


Herron is not the only student voicing their opinion on the change. Freshman Darren Burch usually plays catch on the  blacktop near the courts during lunch. But now that it is closed, he is not happy about it.


“I feel like I’m just being lazy or something. I was having fun playing football everyday at lunch, [so] what am I supposed to do now? Just open it up again,” Burch said.


Hinz wants to make sure that the students are properly accounted for and are being taken care of, and if we do not have enough staff to have an open blacktop, then we will not have an open blacktop.


“The kids’ safety is paramount,” Hinz said. “I’m not sure when or if the blacktop will open up again, but what I do know is that students will surely be eager to run around on the blacktop once more.” •