Published on Nov. 6,2019


New Kids on the Block

Peter and the Starcatcher features new editions to the drama club.

By Claire Ramos

Performers rehearse choreography for a chant that takes place in Peter and the Starcatcher. Of the 17 students in the production, eight students are new to drama.

“...and the beautiful thing about drama is that everyone fits into it. [...] There’s a place for everybody,

Director Jill Jacobs said

Freshman Logan Houghtelling has loved drama since a very young age. After seeing AHS drama perform Urinetown in April 2019 he decided now would be a good time to begin acting again.

“Ever since I was like four or five I’ve always wanted to do something related to the film or theater industry. First it was backstage then it was on stage. And now I want to go back on stage,” Houghtelling said.

Houghtelling is one of 17 students in the AHS Drama Club’s fall production of Peter and the Starcatcher. Of the 17 performers, eight are performing in their first show at AHS.

Peter and the Starcatcher is a spin off of the classic, Peter Pan. It explores the backstory of several characters from Peter Pan using humor, drama and music. It will premiere on Nov. 14 and will be shown again on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m., in the AHS cafeteria. Tickets are $5 in the finance office and $10 at the door.

Director and drama teacher Jill Jacobs expresses excitement regarding all the new students joining drama and why it will only make the drama program and community stronger.

“This year I had so many faces that I had never seen before and so many underclassmen come in and take huge roles. [...] It bodes really well I think for the future  of the arts at AHS and we are continuing to build a really strong base,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs explains that Peter and the Starcatcher has an ensemble cast meaning everyone has an important role, and everyone is on stage a majority of the time which made it ideal for AHS drama club. Among these roles are Peter, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell.

Houghtelling is playing Peter who is adventurous, whimsical, and young at heart. Houghtelling explained some reasons they felt inclined to audition and among these reasons was the desire to perform since early stages in his life. Houghtelling also explains what they are liking about drama so far and what is challenging. Although there’s a lot of commitment that comes with the play, which Houghtelling finds challenging, being a part of the drama community is worth it.

“...I enjoy just being able to be myself,” Houghtelling said, “There’s a lot of people  like me, were all crazy.”

Junior Gabryellie Garcia has became involved in drama for the first time this year. Her role in the fall play is a crew member. Garcia has always wanted to be involved in a drama class and when the fall play came around she realized this would be a good opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone. The excited discomfort is one of the aspects of drama that appeals to Garcia the most along with the drama community. However, it has been challenging for her to adjust to the amount of performances.


“I get nervous really quickly, easily, and this experience has helped me become stronger as a public speaker and actress,” Garcia said. Jacobs is excited for the new students starting drama, especially as underclassmen.


Jacobs said she cannot wait to see what they will continue to do as they build confidence and gain life skills through performances.


“Drama is consistently, it has been this way for me in my life, it is a place where people go when they don’t know where to go,” Jacobs said. “They don’t always know where they belong. and the beautiful thing about drama is that everyone fits into it. Introverts and extroverts, they all fit in. There’s a place for everybody.” •

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