Published on Nov. 6,2019


Bedroom Business

Students branch out into selling handmade merchandise.

By Santina Davalos

Junior Lorenzo Souto has become his own boss. Over the past six weeks, he has made around $500 from selling his own apparel.

Souto is one of a number of AHS students who sells things that they make themselves.

Senior Emma Purves and senior Karill Alfonzo-Yumul are two students who also run their own brands. These three students sell their merchandise throughout the campus to students and online.

Purves explained why she decided to begin selling her art and how her friends influenced her decision.

“I’m always drawing in class and a lot of people said they would buy it, so I decided I should start selling stuff,” Purves said.

Souto was influenced to start his brand  after he saw the outcome from other students.


“I was in business class and one of the old students came in and explained how he did it. It inspired me, and I wanted to try it myself,” Souto said. 


Alfonzo-Yumul has been selling clothing from his brand throughout the past year and reflects on the first time he sold one of his products.


“It was actually pretty nice because when I made my first sale, I took a picture with him and the hoodie. Seeing him around campus wearing it, and repping my clothing line was fun,” Alfonzo-Yumul said.


Purves described some frustrations she experiences during the process.


“The most challenging part is definitely  when people ask for free stuff. I don’t do it for the money, but it’s annoying when I put in a lot of time, thought, and my own money into what I make,” Souto said.


Souto also explained how at the moment, having his own brand is short-term.


“I don’t really see myself doing it for a long time. Right now, it’s just a fun side business,” Souto said. 


Alfonzo-Yumul talked about why he contines despite challenges.


“Someone representing your own clothing line feels really nice,” Alfonzo-Yamul said. •


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