Published on Nov. 6,2019


Making Sacrifices for Sales

Costs to be reduced for increased participation.

Staff Editorial

Illustration | Crystal Yeung

From dances like homecoming and prom, to fun filled activities ranging from night rallies and sports games, the expenses are starting to pile up for students here at AHS.


The prices to attend events add on to expenses students already have to pay for, such as AP exams, SATS, and yearbooks, the list goes on. It is a crucial time to get engaged in school events but it is also expensive to be a school-spirited Don.


At AHS, there are many reasons to explain why students don’t participate in events. Students end up deciding on what events to participate throughout the year as it is more common for them to spend money on academics and yearbooks rather than dances and games.


Over the recent years, low participation in dances has been observed, not enough tickets being sold has led to cancellation. Even if we drastically improve prices just by a few bucks, students won’t participate if they are not interested. A need for better student attendance at events because of the drastic increase of socioeconomic change at AHS.


ASB needs to present reasonable and low costs for events even if it means making sacrifices. As the prices rise, student participation becomes low. When the expected even attendance drop, events get cancelled because there are not sufficient  ticket sales. It is not uncommon for Dons to see events being cancelled.


Recently, Dons have been noticing an inflation in the prices of events at AHS. As the community has changed and become more diverse, the pricing has also shifted.


A decade ago, in the 2008-2009 school year, only 22.9% of students had free or reduced lunch. Drastically, the 2017-2018 school years numbers increased, as 51% of the school can relate. As this is a school with a high percentage of low income families, not everyone can pay the full price.


The reason why prices are high are because of the quality of the event or the location. We need to find cheaper locations and alternatives. Instead of hosting dances at other venues far from Arroyo, we can start hosting them at AHS again.


If the school decides to host dances at AHS, the price of renting the venue will be decreased dramatically. Therefore, possibly decreasing the price of tickets.


Events need to be cheaper, even if that means making sacrifices, less expensive venues, and fewer amenities. If the school body lowers prices of events such as games, dances, or plays and festivals, Dons are more likely to participate. Prom would be more fun when it is with your entire senior class partying together and not because some chocolate fountain. •