Vaping Affects Students

Vaping is causing a nuisance on campus.

When a student goes to the restroom, they shouldn’t have to worry if it’s closed or not. When they get to an open restroom, they shouldn’t have to worry about it smelling like marijuana or nicotine. Unfortunately, this is the reality for some students at Arroyo.


When students use drugs in a school restroom, students whose class is close to that restroom have to walk to another restroom, which takes away valuable class time. The actions of students who use drugs on campus are hindering those who don’t.


Restrooms are being shut down because of the students using drugs in them, which is a major inconvenience to most, if not all students. These students need to realize how blatant and selfish their actions are, and take their drug use habits off campus, where it won’t affect other students.


According to Assistant Principal Kristian Hinz, restrooms get shut down for possible drug and tobacco use more than 50% of the time. Hinz also stated that it is part of the school’s responsibility to educate its students on the dangers of drug use.


“Most important in our efforts, within the context of a school setting, is to provide education and awareness to students, families and staff about vaping, the dangers and inherent risks, etc.” Hinz said.


The dangers of vaping are very extreme. “It’s bad for your lungs, bad for your heart, and [is] addictive,” said health teacher India Rodgers.  


According to the 2016 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on e-cigarette use among youth and young adults, long-term effects of e-cigarette use include stunted brain development, which can lead to other symptoms such as nicotine addiction, mood disorders, lack of impulse, attention span, and various lung diseases.


Not only is your drug use hurting your peers by shutting down restrooms, you’re also hurting yourselves. Eventually, there will  be a point where your poor decision-making becomes evident. According to the CDC, as of November 20th 2019, 2,290 vaping-related lung injury cases and 47 deaths caused by vaping have been reported. Putting aside the restroom shutdowns; what would bring someone to afflict themselves like this?


However, it is a common excuse for drug users to say that “It’s hard to get off of it,” or “It keeps me going.”


As previously stated, you should’ve known to avoid all drugs before high school. Time and time again, you’ve been told about both the consequences of drugs, and the ways to cure an addiction.


If you were thinking of ever doing them, you know what’ll happen to you. If you currently do them, then you should look into things that aren’t drugs but still relieve stress. At the very least, just take it somewhere else where it only affects you. If you shouldn’t be doing them (and you shouldn’t be), then don’t do them.


Either don’t do your drugs here, or don’t do them anywhere. Students should always be mindful of others, as well as themselves. •

Staff Editorial


Illustration | Crystal Yeung