A new addition to the Manor Shopping Center, this Chinese restaurant is known for its roasted duck and roasted pork BBQ.


Illustrations I Alexis May Go and Dorothy Hoang

Published on Feb. 26 2020


Living Locally

The secret behind the longstanding businesses of the Manor area.

By Alexis May Go and Dorothy Hoang

Clancy’s Ice Cream Parlour

Opened since 1975, this small ice cream shop was established by two families: an Irish family and a Chinese family. John Clancy, who is now retired but continues to work at his family shop, says that there is a secret to their success.


“We got the good quality and [secondly we give] bigger amount—like one scoop used to be four ounces, [but] when you come in here we give you almost eight [ounces...]—and [for a] cheap [price],” Clancy said.  


He also acknowledged that their shop’s most popular flavors include mango, ube, and macapuno. He believes that the reason why those flavors are so popular is due to the diverse Asian community settled here in the Bay Area and not just San Leandro.


“They come from far away from the Fremont, Vallejo, Daly City area, [and] the Bay Area,” Clancy said. “They want to come in [and] get the ube [...] because [of] the good quality.” •

Porky’s Pizza Palace

A local business that opened in 1963 in the Manor area has recently expanded its business out to Pleasanton. This pizza place is considered one of the local landmarks of the San Leandro area. Despite having expanded their business, manager Sean does not consider Porky’s a chain restaurant but a family restaurant.


“I think you’ll have to have five store[s] or more to be considered a chain,” Sean said. ”The original family is still heavily invested in this restaurant.”  


Throughout the Manor Shopping Center, stores have changed their settings to fit the current decade, but that is not the case for Porky’s. Sean believes that there are reasons why this Porky’s location is so significant.


“Nothing’s really changed about this place. We’ve kept everything the same,” Sean said. “The recipe’s been the same, [and] the environment’s been the same.” •

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