Some of the new and returning staff share stories about coming back to AHS.

By Christopher Yalung and Dorothy Hoang

Published on Feb. 26 2020


Assistant Principal Nicole Sandoval didn’t originally want to return to Arroyo again. As an AHS student in the graduating class of 2000, she viewed teachers that had been educating for years, and thought that they should be going out to experience more.


“A lot of my college experience was just about that; going out and seeing the world,” Sandoval said.


As she traveled throughout the Bay Area though, she realized something about the community she had left.


“I really liked [the San Lorenzo] community. It felt like home; the families there were supportive, and also very trusting of the teachers and the people here. It was something I wanted to be a part of.”


As a result, Sandoval got into teaching, starting at Bohannon Middle School. She bounced back and forth from BMS to AHS for 15 years before finally becoming an administrator at AHS, which has become another reason for her to stay in the community.


“This is where I’m raising my children; they are going to go through these schools, and I want to have input into what kind of schools they’re going to.”


Sandoval believes that there’s a reason for why so many alumni come back to work at Arroyo.


“[AHS] is a family; there are a lot of alumni who keep coming back. It speaks to some respect for the people who educated us, and it speaks to our fondness for the opportunities that are provided. Coming back to San Lorenzo, even my role as an AP, that was a choice; because I wanted to be a part of this family again.” •

Photo | The Arroyan 2000

Assistant Principal Nicole Sandoval returns to AHS a fourth time.

Photo | The Arroyan 1999

Class of 1999, physics teacher Brian Glaze finds himself back at AHS two decades later.

When he graduated from AHS in 1999, science teacher Brian Glaze, couldn’t see himself coming back to AHS as a teacher.


“It was always in the back of my mind but I never really expected I was really going to come back,” Glaze said.


Glaze started his teaching career at Barnard White Middle School teaching seventh grade science. He continued teaching at other schools such as Tennyson High School and James Logan High School where he taught physics and, not only did he teach, he was also an activities director. This year is Glaze’s first year working back at AHS. After years of working in other districts, Glaze has decided to come back to AHS.


While working at other schools, Glaze said the persuading of his old teachers, like physics teacher Jeff Jorgensen, had drawn him back into working in the AHS community.


“A lot of my old teachers reached out to me to come and continue my teaching here,” Glaze said.


When Glaze’s old teachers reached out to him, it held some sentimental value.


“It weighs a little bit more. It doesn’t matter what they say it’s them reaching out to you,” Glaze said.


Glaze believes teaching at AHS is a way of showing his gratitude and a way to give back to the community.


“It’s like giving back to what our teachers gave us,” Glaze said. •

Photo | The Arroyan 1976

Debby Pierstorff, Class of 1976

“There was a position open, and I knew that coming back here, my attendance would be much better than it was when I went here.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1981

Tom Grace, Class of 1981

“I learned to really enjoy this campus and the students that I teach and the environment.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1985

Mike Saenz, Class of 1981

“I’d always wanted to coach football, so I came back to coach. Then I ended up getting a permanent job at the distict as a result.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1983

Cecilia Adams, Class of 1983

“I love the students here, I love the staff, I love the environment, everything about it I just really enjoy.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1985

Angela Cirimele, Class of 1985

“It just happened to be that my cousin who worked at the district said, ‘Hey, they’re hiring for a finance lady at Arroyo!,’ and I thought , ‘Okay, I know banking. I went to Arroyo. Let’s go back.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1999

Brian Ortiz, Class of 1999

“I told myself if I was going to teach I would come teach at Arroyo because it meant something to teach and give back to the community.”

Photo | The Arroyan 1989

India Rodgers, Class of 1989

“I had a really good experience here at Arroyo as a student and that helps me when I teach here because I would like to provide that experience for students.”

Photo | The Arroyan 2000

Andrew Eckloff, Class of 2000

“I thought it would be nice to teach at my old high school; I know the culture, I know the students, and I know how things are done. Then [AHS] brought me back. Then they fired me.”