October Issue 2020

Race and History Insight Panel

Insight Panel is a new interview series from the DGG. With the purpose of gaining more intimate... Read More

Sebastian Lopez

October Issue 2020

Pre/Post Quarantine Fits

An insight into how students have altered their wardrobe during shelter in place... Read More

Dorothy Hoang 

October Issue 2020

Cancelled Arts

Art teachers speak on cancelled arts due to COVID-19... Read More

Jeneen Doctor

October Issue 2020

Senior Q & A

Counselor Lisa Schooler answers frequently asked questions form the Class of 2021... Read More

Aaliyah Montgomery

October Issue 2020

Pandemic Businesses

Young entrepreneurs share their thoughts on the reason behind the sudden emergence of student businesses... Read More

Alexis May Go

October Issue 2020

Top 12 Library Picks

Teacher Librarian Mark Schneider shares the most popular non-instructional books... Read More

Mark Schneider

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