January Issue '21

Dreaming of Sleep

California Government takes action as students are not getting enough sleep. Read More

Angelina Buell, Alexis May Go, Dorothy Hoang

January Issue '21

Adopting Pets and Plants

Staying at home all day can be boring, but adopt a pet or plant and gain a new friend! Read More

Jeneen Doctor

January Issue '21

Big Changes Coming to SLZUSD

Many changes are coming, one of the main changes that will be coming is standardized grading. Read More

Marvin Flores

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 7.32.17 PM.png

January Issue '21

Doctor Q +A

What's it like to be a doctor during a pandemic? Read More

Juan Garcia

Earth Team.jpeg

January Issue '21

Earth Team

AHS students take part in environmental internship program. Read More

Claire Ramos

January Issue '21

Quarantine with Kids

AHS teachers speak about experiences during quarantine with their kids. Read More

Claire Terzich

January Issue '21

Relationships In Quarantine

Take a look at how the shelter-in-place order changed relationships. 3 pairs, 3 different stories. Read More

Daylan Li and Quan Tran

January Issue '21

Distance Learning Attitudes

Are students being negatively impacted white in distance learning? Read More

Imiah Lott

January Issue '21

Building PCs

Students share their experiences building PCs. Read More

Dylan Williamson

January Issue '21

COVID-19 Reinvention

Alexzandria Caldwell shares her experience with COVID and how remodeling her... Read More

Aaliyah Montgomery

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 7.31.36 PM.png

January Issue '21

Update on Sports

New information and student athlete's thoughts on postponements. Read More

Jorge Gavino and Daniel Mendoza

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 7.32.25 PM.png

January Issue '21

Distance Learning Schedules

Teachers and students share their thoughts on the new schedules. Read More

Jinsoo Kato

January Issue '21

Understanding Student Loans

AHS staff and alumni help students navigate student loans. Read More

Claire Ramos and Javier Manzano

January Issue '21

Cameras on Zoom

Since Covid has forced education to move to Zoom, there are now mixed feelings about cameras during class. Read More

Haylie Blair

January Issue '21

Holidays in Quarantine

How Thanksgiving was celebrated differently during the pandemic...

Read More

Katherine Sao

January Issue '21

Offseason Training

Athletes now have to maintain their physique in case sports ever continue again...

Read More

Hank Johnson

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