Issue 1

New Director

Having been teaching in the district for eleven years, Principal James Gray feels as if his worries are... Read More

Crystal Yeung 

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Issue 1

Engaging In Activism

"Our planet is literally dying." Senior Delilah Martinez shares her concerns when it comes to the... Read More 

Jasmine Aziz

Issue 1

New Hayward Public Library

Tell people more about the classes you offer. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection to display dynamic content.

Joseph Licano

Issue 1

Empty Handed

On September 13 students enrolled in ASL came to class and were greeted by a substitute and... Read More

Jeneen Doctor & Angelina Buell

Issue 1

Weighing The Costs

In the 2018-2019 school year, a senior who went to every dance, senior cruise, senior picnic... Read More

Sara Giretto 

Issue 1

Making Sacrifices For Sales

From dances like homecoming and prom, to fun filled activities ranging from night rallies and... Read More

Andrea Lomeli

Issue 1

Bedroom Business

Junior Lorenzo Souto has become his own boss. Over the past six weeks, has has made around... Read More

Santina Davalos 

Issue 1

Bubbling Up

Junior Latrell Aquino drink boba ta five times a week. That's 80 ounces of tea in just one week. That's... Read More

Javier Manzano

Issue 1

The Big Switch

After 28 years of coaching high school football, a life long goal has been achieved by former AHS... Read More

Che Munoz

Issue 1

Skaters On Deck

Senior Richy Villanueva lives on his skateboard. You will never see him without it. He skates to... Read More

MarcAnthony Ramos

Issue 1

Do Not Ignore, Participate More

In sept. students across the Bay Area organized multiple protests against our local politicians to... Read More

Nanda Bean 


Issue 1

What It Costs To Earn

Every weekend, junior Semhar Tesfamicael leaves her house at around 2 p.m. and does... Read More

Aaliyah Montgomery

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Issue 1

Learning Is Being Wasted

In 8th grade, I didn't have a science teacher. There was nobody to teach me how gravity worked... Read More

Christopher Yalung

Issue 1

Choosing Chabot

According to data from National Clearinghouse, which tracks students after they leave high school, 314... 

Read More

David Ye

Issue 1


Staff and students share the experience of being separated from their families by distance... Read More

DGG Staff

Issue 1

Hiring Teachers From The 


Despite moving to California only recently, special education teacher Ramira Ballocamug was... Read More

Vivian Liu & Nanda Bean 

Issue 1

Curriculum Change

Among the students, there is a shared sentiment that beginning their College Board project, drawings... Read More

Rafael Duran 

Issue 1

New Kids On The Block

Freshamn Logan Houghtelling has loved drama since a very young age. After seeing AHS... Read More

Claire Ramos 

Issue 1

Dropping Players

Over the last 10 years, the participation rates in AHS football has been on a slow decline... Read More

Alexis Quino

Issue 1

Going For Gold

Crowds cheered as Jacarra Winchester faced off against Nanami Irie in the 2019 World... Read More

Elton Wong

Issue 1

We Can't Wait

The day after 17 people were injured and 4 people died in Gilroy, I went to work at Congressman... Read More

Sebastian Lopez 

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